Lawn Services FAQs


After selecting weekly or bi-weekly service, we will assign a mow day for each week or every other week based on the plan you decided was best for your lawn. We do not guarantee certain time slots as we are constantly adding customers to our schedule which will impact our routing. We will notify you of any changes to your assigned mow day and if we are experiencing any delays due to weather. We mow in the rain unless it is a continuous downpour. We will pick up the schedule where we left off when the rain lets up, only if your lawn is not overly saturated. We will utilize Saturday and possibly Sunday in order to complete the week’s schedule if necessary.

Service Changes

Contact our office by 12 pm the business day before your scheduled service to guarantee a service change. If your service day is Monday then we must be notified by 12 pm on Friday.

You can reach us by telephone by calling (417) 551-2105 or by sending an email to

Payment Options

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Service

  • You can pay for the 26 week season in advance and receive a 7% discount
  • We can bill your credit or debit card on file after your service has been completed
  • We can leave an invoice at your door and you can pay online by logging in to the CLIENT PORTAL or by phone by calling (417) 551-2105
  • All completed services must be paid prior to the next scheduled service

One-Time or Periodic Service

  • Must be paid in advance or at the time of service

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex

  • If a card is declined we’ll contact you for new card information
  • We will notify you of credit or debit card failures via email
  • Future services will be paused until declined charges have been paid

Customer Satisfaction

We have a 24 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason with your weekly lawn service please give us a call within 24 hours of service. We will send someone back to correct the issue as soon as possible. If we are notified after 24 hours we will note your account and the crew will be notified of any issue.

Canceling Services

You may cancel service at any time by calling the office (417) 551-2105 and we will be happy to assist you.

Yard Access

If you have a lock on your gate, ensure it is unlocked on your mow day. If we are unable to access your backyard the full charge still applies. If we return to complete the service, you will be charged a $10 trip fee. If not, we will just see you on your next mow day. (Note: Full-service charge still applies if we only service the front yard)


We prefer that all pets be kept indoors on your mow day. We love pets and our crews are very careful about closing gates when they leave, but we do not guarantee a pet will not escape the yard, therefore, you are accepting our service with this provision. Action Property Management LLC will not be responsible for lost or injured pets.

Yard Items and Debris

Items must be picked up from your yard on your mow day. Items may include: toys, dog bones, seasonal lawn decor, larger rocks, hoses, etc. These items are hazardous if hit by the mower blades and can result in serious damage to your property and our equipment, or serious injury to our crew or others. We trim around trampolines, playhouses, and lawn furniture, and do not move large items. We appreciate you defining a border around objects to prevent any accidents.


All wiring must be protected or underground: A/C units, lighting, electrical devices, phone and cable lines and PVC pipes, etc. We will not be responsible for damage to exposed sprinkler lines, plastic landscape lighting, dog fence lines, and other items that might touch the mower blades or wheels. Always protect your plants and trees with defined borders, as weed eaters can cause marks on trees, fence posts and many other items. Our crews will work carefully to prevent any damages from occurring. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to place a defined and protective border to prevent any damage from occurring.